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Solar Politics

GREEN ENERGY - A mythological, unworkable concept used by libs in order to channel billions of tax $ to Democrats.

THE GREEN SCAM - Wind and solar don't work, they're scams to scare you out of tax $ to fight the imaginary global warming boogey man.

SOLYNDRA - For all your money laundering needs.

SOLYNDRA SCANDAL - Green crony, phony capitalism has flopped in the Age of the Clown.

WH REFUSES TO TURN OVER DOCUMENTS - on solar scam. Watcha' hidin' Clown? Why so ssssssssecretiiiiive? Hey OWS, we still got our eye on the ball.

SOLAR PANELS IN GERMANY - Cranking out tons of energy on this overcast day.

EVEN WITH THE SCANDAL IN FULL VIEW, - Dems are still trying to peddle billions into the solar industry.

ARROGANCE AND CORRUPTION - cause the fall of they who deem themselves immortal, untouchable and messianic.

NUCLEAR IS NATURAL - Solar is plagued with corruption. Can you say Solyndra?

NUCLEAR - The "manly" way to produce power.

THIS PRODUCES MORE ENERGY - then the total number of solar panels produced by Solyndra in 2011 (0), 'cuz it's a fake company for $ laundering.

MORE SOLAR CORRUPTION - SolarReserve: $737 million green jobs loan given to Nancy Pelosi's brother in law. Most corrupt administration ever!

NUCLEAR - The carbon emissions-free elephant in the room.

OR MAYBE WE SHOULD STICK TO - Hydro, fossil fuels and nuclear.

"THE COMPANY MAY HAVE TROUBLE FINDING A BUYER... - ...I don't see this technology (solar energy) as very viable in the long term"-Adam Krop financial analyst

ANOTHER RENEWABLES COMPANY GOES BELLY UP - And guess who has to pay the $535 million garuanteed Obama loan. That's right-you the tax payer.

WHILE SHAKY SOLYNDRA LOAN GETS RAMMED THROUGH FOR DEM DONOR - this project, producing 8,000 jobs across the U.S., is in it's 3rd year of waiting. Hypocrite Dems.

QUESTION: WHAT PRINCIPLES OF CONDUCT DOES SOLAR HAVE? - 1) Ram through gov't loans. 2) Give gov't loans only to Democrats 3) Give lots of $$ to The Clown.

THE MSM MAY BE IGNORING THIS - But the rest of the world is not. Hold the clown accountable!

GOP TO SOLYNDRA,"HIDING SOMETHING?" - Corrupt solar company raises suspicions by pleading the fifth. At what point should you stop protecting the clown?

ORGANIC SOLAR-POWERED SMART CAR - Goes from 0-60 MPH in nothing flat when thrown off a cliff. I'll take my big BA truck anyday

THIS IS HOW DEMOCRATS - write and pass legislature.

Man-Made Maunder Minimum -

SOLYNDA SCANDAL: - Investors protected against bankruptcy aheaad of taxpayers. Must be nice.

DR. KEMM - Running for the office of "Captain Obvious."

THE WORLD'S GREATEST SCAM: - green jobs. Oh wait, I forgot about global warming.

SOLYNDRA SILENCE: EXEC'S TAKE THE FIFTH - "We promise not to drop the dime on The Clown, so help us Master Soros."

HERE'S A TYPICAL DAY IN CT - So why does the left wing find it logical to spend millions of CT tax dollars to install solar panels?

HERE WE GO AGAIN - Beacon Power Co., with $43 billion of your tax money, via The Clown, goes bankrupt.

ROMNEY BLASTS WIND AND SOLAR - Finally, sanity has entered the building.

QUESTION FOR VERMONT MOONBATS - When your electric bill quadruples after 2012, then what? Windmills? Solar panels?

NUCLEAR RULES! - Wind drools!

HERE'S AN IDEA... - Get rid of all the useless defense boondoggles, then hire the defense contractors to build solar panels.

ENERGY SUBSIDIES - Time for a serious re-think.

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More politifakes by PapaFox

PapaFox - March 2, 2013, 7:07 am
Sure. But try getting that one through Congress.
BALLS - March 1, 2013, 9:50 pm
What about no subsidies? Can that be an option?


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More politifakes by Oldsod

Cyberhagen - May 2, 2015, 8:31 pm
Everything is evil to Salon.com. Those twisted hateful f***tards should start fixing the earth by shutting up and vanishing.
Oldsod - April 26, 2015, 8:58 am
Well...it's gratifying to see some good come from the acrimony surrounding climate change. This could be the start of bipartisan consensus! I mean, how could anyone be against barbeque?
calron - April 25, 2015, 9:34 pm
At least this death ray is green.